An introduction

An introduction

Who am I? Well, right now I’m a kinesiology major turned mechanical engineering grad student (yes, I do get some strange looks when I tell my classmates what I did my undergrad in), a former division I collegiate runner who hasn’t run a 60 mile week in over a year but dreams of getting back into racing, and the wife of an insomniac mountain man who loved me enough to follow me into the Big City.

Why am I blogging? Well, to be perfectly honest I had to start a blog profile in order to follow a relative’s summer blog. I figured that I might as well put some stuff up here while I’m at it 🙂  I spend most of my day working alone in a subterranean lab (no, really, I work in the basement) and spend way too much time with my own thoughts. On random occasions I actually have a good one, and now I’ve got a place to share it 😉

If you enjoy stumbling through the random (but hopefully interesting!) contents of someone else’s brain, read on…


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