I spotted this article while sitting on a crowded, unfortunate smelling bus (why must all buses smell like feces??) on the way home from a frustrating day of lit-search despair.  I almost didn’t read past the headline, expecting the usual “you’ll be wasting years of your life becoming a bitter, cynical, overeducated sod completely incapable of operating in the real world (or getting a job!)” take on graduate school.  But then I figured, why not check it out and confirm all of the grad-school related anxieties already racing about in my head?  A nervous breakdown might be good fun after all!   

Clicking on this article turned out to be about the most brilliant decision of the day – by the time I got off the bus I’d had a good laugh and been reminded of why I made this decision in the first place.

“[A] chance to learn what you love, always, using your brain instead of beating it to death against bar codes and spreadsheets and sales reports and all the other jobs that only exist because robots aren’t quite good or cheap enough yet. But if you don’t take that learning seriously, you’ve swapped the world for nothing.” 

(ok, so about 50% of the work I’m currently doing is about as thrilling as scanning barcodes…but the end results are much, much cooler!)


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