Just chillin’ with the trees


As much as the idea of living in a small town freaks me out (seriously, 90% of the conversation here consists of rehashing people’s family trees and longstanding feuds – not really my cup of tea!), I am loving the chance to get out in the woods and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Getting to run past farm fields, with the smell of hay and pine trees wafting on the breeze, and getting to take a break from some frustrating lab work and instead spend my time reading books outside on the porch and hanging out with Mountain Man’s relatives has been amazing.

I’ve also taken the vacation as an opportunity to talk about big, scary, exciting future-stuff with Mountain Man, and it’s been such a relief.  Everything sounds so much better once we talk it through and it’s not just a scary ball of anxiety ricochetting around inside my head.  Why do I always wait so long to talk to him about these things?


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