To bun or not to bun…

I was browsing the Oiselle catalogue this morning ( and came across this lovely ad for buns (aka bum-huggers/racing briefs):


My first thought was “Ooh, I need those!”  My second thought was “Huh, would I actually feel comfortable wearing buns in a road race?”  This thought kind of surprised me, because when I was running in college I LOVED the buns.  They were the least heat-trapping/restrictive, didn’t ride up like boy-shorts, revealed my *super cool* tan lines beautifully, and gave the amusing impression that I had totally forgotten shorts and was racing in my underwear.  What could be better?

Here’s a lovely demo of my buns obsession – yep, I’m the only person on our team wearing the things (ours were not nearly as cute as the Oiselle ones):


But now, with no team to make me look (and feel) legit in a “serious runner” uniform, race times several minutes slower than my college PR’s, and a few extra pounds cushioning my thighs, I don’t know if I could pull off the buns look.

Any other ladies like wearing buns/bum-huggers/racing briefs (and do any of you wear them for racing when it’s not part of a team uniform)?  What would you think if you saw a recreational runner wearing them on the starting line of your local 5k/10k/marathon?


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