“what’s in your desk” meme…

I was taking a little break this afternoon while Matlab did its thing, and came across Dr. Isis’ What’s in your Desk-Meme.  Looked like a fun way to prolong my break, so figured I’d take a look in my desk drawers 😉

Here’s what we’ve got: 

Drawer 1:



1) Stapler

2) Colored pencils & colored white-board markers (woohoo, color coding!)

3) Emergency coffee!

4) Gum (for banishing emergency coffee breath :P)

5) Pencil sharpener and eraser (neither of these ever gets used…)

6) Ipod charger (left by previous desk occupant)

7) Lotion (smells vaguely of feet and roses…may need to get rid of that)


Drawer 2:

Image1) Ruler

2) One nylon bearing in McMaster-Carr bag

3) Safety glasses and safety glasses protective bag (these should probably be actually one inside the other…)

4) Double sided tape

5) Scissors & exacto

6) Camera, mini-tripod, charger, and lens cloth

7) Reading glasses, for when I want to feel like the world’s most aged 24 year old :/  I also acquired regular, “can’t read the whiteboard” glasses this year.  My eyes hate me.  


And, in Drawer Number 3:


1) Random cables.  I have no idea what these are for, but they look cool.

2) Running jacket, socks, hat, shirt, and de-sweating face wipes.  And gloves with fairly anatomically correct hand bones – best $1 running gloves ever 🙂  




2 thoughts on ““what’s in your desk” meme…

    • Thanks Klara – I did kind of hit the jackpot as far as desks go. Good thing too, I need all the organizational help that I can get 😉

      I like the ‘colleague’s vs. mine’ view you put in your post – pretty sure mine would be even worse if I only had one drawer!

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