Unhappy hallux :(

Unhappy hallux :(

My foot/toe injury appears to have made a comeback. Last week it felt fine on every run. I ended the week with an 8 miler and felt perfectly prepared for my upcoming 15k race. The day after the 8-miler, my toe started to complain. I took a couple days off, did some cross-training, and then did a conservative workout on Tuesday. My foot seemed to enjoy the days off and felt fine during the workout.

Everything seemed perfectly fine until 2 miles into my run on Wednesday, when the extensor tendons of my big toe suddenly seized up. I cut the run short and did a roll-out and ice routine once I got home. Yesterday I did a slow, easy 3 miles. My toe had felt fine all day and pre-run I could roll up and down through the full toe range of motion (flat foot to demi-pointe and back) without any pain, so I figured I was fine and the tendon twinges had just been a random occurrence.

Apparently I was being a bit too optimistic – although I felt ok during the 3 miles, my toe became increasingly inflamed post-run. Now I’m trying to decide what to do – I’m signed up for a 15k trail race tomorrow and would really love to run. However, 9 miles would really be pushing it even if my toe was feeling good, and I’m worried that I might set myself back injury-wise if I do this race.

I’m trying to step back and look at the pros/cons of doing this race. Here’s how the balance looks right now:

1) I’ve paid for the race already, no refunds. That’s $25 down the drain if I don’t run. However, is $25 really worth possibly extending an injury by several days/weeks and possibly not being able to run the next race (half-marathon) in a month?

2) I can still pick up my goody-bag and cheer the other racers on. Feels sort of lame, but it would actually be fun to cheer for one of my friends who is running (and who’s been kicking butt in these trail races so far!)

3) I could just run it and drop out if needed. But I know that the adrenaline of the race-day environment and the endorphins from running could mask the toe pain until the damage has been done. Also, I’ve never dropped out of a race – and what if I get out to 5 miles and then have to drop? That’s a long walk back!

4) This one’s kind of silly, but my parents are going to be in town and were going to come watch. However, my mom is a physical therapist, and judging by here usual advice she’d tell me I’d be an idiot to run. And it’s not like they haven’t watched me run enough races ha ha 😉

Ok, it’s looking kind of obvious – probably should call it quits and take a few days off. Probably worth it to skip this race and consider it an investment in future races. Still pretty bummed though 😦


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