Workout wednesday!



After a frustrating day in lab I was ecstatic to shut down my computer at 5pm and head out for a workout on the university track.  Due to my foot injury flare-up last week, I decided to stick to some shorter stuff and keep the pace at goal 10k pace or slower.  In order to keep some endurance/strength focus during the shorter workout, I added in some circuit work.  Here’s the final workout I decided to go with:

2 sets of (4 x 400m @ 6:30 pace (1:45/lap) with circuit work in between each lap), 3:45 R between the two sets.

For the circuit work, I did 2 leg exercises, 1 core exercise, and 1 arm exercise during each set.  Here’s a couple sample circuit sets:

Set 1:

  • 10 x squat jumps
  • 10 x pushups
  • 25 x crunches
  • 30 x sock hops

Set 2:

  • 10 x forward double-leg hops
  • 5 x clap pushups
  • 20 x superman back extensions
  • 20 m side-shuffle

The workout was actually much tougher than I expected – I forgot how heavy the circuit “recovery” makes both the arms and legs during the subsequent lap!  In addition, it was hot (95+), and smoky from some nearby wildfires.


I was struggling at the end of each 400 and was definitely ready to be done by the last repeat.  However, the toe feels good and I got to take a mental break from my science frustrations and channel them into a challenging workout 🙂     


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