This is a funny place…

ProfA commented today that the engineering building is a funny place.  Although not for the same reasons, I’m going to agree.  Here’s some examples from this morning (i.e. the 2 hours I’ve been at work so far):

1)  About 30 seconds into a meeting with ProfA:

Him:  “Do you hear a baby crying?”

Me: “No…” (great, he’s either crazy or has bat-like hearing)

Him:  “This is a funny place…people bringing babies to work.”

Me: … (actually a bit curious now about what he means by that, but too surprised to reply with anything meaningful)

*My first reaction was annoyance, but maybe he didn’t mean it like “How dare they bring babies into this building” and more like “Maybe they should take some time off if they are lugging an infant around”?  Or more likely he just finds the idea rather novel in a building usually full of geeky adults.

The whole kid thing wasn’t ever an issue in my undergrad lab because the PI had two kids while I was working there – we regularly held brainstorming meetings where we all sat on the floor so PI’s kids would be able to sit on her lap (it made their behavior much more conducive to meetings).  Grad students in that lab were popping out kids (and towing them in, occasionally as study participants) regularly.

2)  About 5 minutes into same meeting…

Him: “Well, I don’t mean to be unprofessional, but let’s get on Facebook!” ~un-minimizes Facebook~

*Note: If our friends’ posts can be used as research examples during a meeting, you might be using Facebook wrong absolutely right 😉

3)  As I was walking down the hall back to the lab:

A couple dudes talking to maintenance guy about borrowing a mask: “We need something to keep the goop off; we’re working with cow eyeballs!!!”

* No one should ever be quite that excited about cutting up cow eyes (ok, so I was seriously tempted to join them)…and why the heck are you trying to get bio PPE from the maintenance guy?

This place is “funny” all right…


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