Enjoyed an awesomely fun workout with my running gal Fish yesterday 🙂  Since I dragged her into doing a workout with me, she got to pick the workout.  She came up with the brilliantly simple plan of 30 seconds hard/ 30 seconds easy for 3 miles.  It was absolutely perfect!  The 30 second intervals were long enough to get our heart rates and turnover going, but short enough to avoid any serious suffering.  And since this was Fish’s first workout in a couple years, and only my 4th or so workout back after a long break, we were content to leave the hard-core suffering for another day 😉   

Best outcome of our little workout session?  Fish had a flash of serious brilliance and suggested we add a weekly workout & abs day to our schedules for the semester.  Um, yes!!!  It might take both of us a while (and some pain) to get back into workout shape, but it’s going to be so much more fun doing it together 🙂


I’m indulging in some wishful thinking and pretending that we’re going to look like these two speedsters when we’re done 😉  


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