Long run – 9 miles of “where the heck is the next drinking fountain??”

ImageDecided it’d be a good idea to do a morning long run today. Usually morning long runs are my favorite kind of run – it’s cool out, I get to start the day out with a lovely supply of endorphins, and I get to watch the sunrise.  However, I didn’t factor in the fact that I haven’t really slept well the last few days, I didn’t really eat anything besides a smoothie and a sandwich yesterday, and I didn’t hydrate much so I was already so dehydrated when I woke up this morning that I felt too nauseated to finish my pre-run slice of toast.  Needless to say the run was a little rough!

I’m glad I  got out and did it, but it was one of the toughest 9-milers I’ve done.  Pretty sure I was sweating straight salt by mile 5.  I ended up having to take little regrouping breaks every mile after about the 4 mile mark – not ideal for a long-run day, but it let me finish the run.  By mile 8 I was starving and starting to cramp up from dehydration.  Luckily I’d planned ahead and had stashed a gel and water bottle 1 mile out from my car.  I don’t think a vanilla flavored gel has ever been so heavenly!  Chugged half my water bottle and gulped down the gel, and spent my last mile sloshing along in a state of (slight vanilla barfy-ness filled) bliss.

2 more long run til my half marathon!  Hopefully I’ll get in 10 – 11 next weekend, and then a 12 miler for the last one.  This crummy run was a great reminder to be more disciplined about my pre-long-run fueling and hydration!


In spite of the struggles, today was a perfect day for a long run – cool, breezy, and the first hint of Fall colors in the leaves of the cottonwoods along the trail 🙂


2 thoughts on “Long run – 9 miles of “where the heck is the next drinking fountain??”

  1. love the colors of your blog! i’m doing a half in December-my current long runs are 7.5miles. When I do them, at the end i would get so nauseous. Yesterday I finally hydrated & ate perfectly & it made such a difference! Amazing how a few little things like water & fuel can change your run (; Good luck & happy running!

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