First 10-miler in almost a year!


When I got done with my long run today I was feeling a little underwhelmed.  It had gone much better than last week’s (hurrah for the miracles of nutrition and hydration!) but I struggled on the hills (ran trails today, thus the beautiful view seen above) and found myself feeling panicky about being able to survive the 13.1 hilly miles coming up in two weeks.  However, when I looked back in my running logs I realized that this was the first run over 9 miles that I’ve done since my last half marathon 1 year (minus a couple weeks) ago!

I need to remember to celebrate the small things – I sometime feel like I’m making such laborious, slow progress towards getting back in shape that I become discouraged and don’t enjoy the progress like I should.  However, in the last two months I’ve gone from only being able to tolerate three-mile runs and having shooting pains any time I stood on the ball of my foot to being able to run 10 miles at once with no foot pain during the run and being able to roll up onto the ball of my foot with minimal pain (and sometimes no pain! Woohoo!).  I’m starting to slowly lose the weight I gained while sick/injured and am starting to regain muscle mass, endurance, and strength.  Most importantly, I’m feeling like a runner again!

Here’s to progress!


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