Mesh running top update!

So, a few posts ago I mentioned that I was planning to sew a mesh running top modeled after the awesome mesh top from Oiselle, which, alas I can’t afford on my current grad stipend 😦

It took a few hours of time over the last couple weeks, but the top is now done!


Here’s a brief look at what went into the final product:

First, I rode my bike over to our local Jo-Ann fabrics.  There was some pretty stellar selection of Power Mesh.  If by ‘stellar’, you mean ‘so gaudy it makes my eyes wince.’  I decided that I wasn’t quite up to running in sequins (although you’d be oh-so visible to cars!) and went with a simple white mesh.


I used one of my favorite running tanks for the pattern by tracing it out on cheap newsprint paper and then patterning the mesh pieces off of that.

Lining up the selvage…


Laying out the pattern…Image

Adding seam allowances (3/4 in)Image

And cutting out the pattern pieces.

I simplified my life somewhat by making my tank pieces identical on the front and back, rather than doing a scoop neck front and racer back.Image

Once the parts were cut out, I did a lot of pinning and basting – the mesh is extremely stretchy so the alignment is tricky.

The (almost) final result?

A decent tank.


The fit is a little more low-cut in the neck than I’d been aiming for, but I like the way the fabric drapes overall.  After seeing how transparent the single layer of mesh is, I’d probably double up next time (at least in the front).  My solution for this particular top is to add some dye, which will hopefully increase the opacity a bit.

Since I don’t have any fabric dye, I’m using acrylic paint.

First step – pick a color!


Next step – dilute about 1 – 1.5 TB of paint in 2 – 3 C water.  Mix thoroughly unless you like paint blobs on your fabric…


Last – dip the top into the paint-dye!


I let the tank sit in the dye for about 10 minutes and ended up with this color:



I like it much better with the color – lend a bit more opacity and some cool color-combining layer effects with the bright sports bra underneath.

Total cost – $27 for fabric (although that turned out to be enough for 3 tank-tops), $4 for paint (again, enough for multiple tops).  So about $11 for the one tank top.  Not high-end, but it’ll do quite well for the price (and the fun in making it) 🙂


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