Workout under the lights

Workout under the lights

After an 10-hour work/classday, very happily emerged from the engineering building and walked over to the track to meet Fish for our weekly workout.

We did 10 x (300m @ 10k pace for current fitness level [~6:30 pace], 1 leg exercise, 1 arm exercise, jog 100m R)

Leg exercises:
1) 20m side shuffle each direction
2) 10 x squat jumps
3) Toe-taps x 25 each side
4) body-weight squats x 20
5) single leg squats x 10 each side
6) Single leg deadlifts x 10 each side
7) Russian hamstrings x 30 each side
8) 10 x double leg hops
9) 10 x In-outs
10) 20 x jumping jacks

Arm exercises:
1) 10 x pushups
2) 20 x dips
3) 10 x chest pull-ups
4) 10 x bench push-ups
5) 5 x clap push-ups
6) 10 x pull-ups with leg assistance
7) 10 x arm-march plank
8) 10 x dips
9) 10 x plank to downward dog
10) 10 x chest pull-ups

-Crushed the paces. And still managed to get faster as the workout went on!
-Got to watch an absolutely glorious sunset light up the mountains and clouds surrounding the track.
-It wasn’t hot!!! Starting to feel like Fall 😀
-Fish’s first track workout in THREE YEARS was a huge success! I’m happy to say I’m a horrible influence on recovering running addicts 😉


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