2 Weeks Down

Second week of classes and first week of full-length lab TAing completed as of 5:30pm today.  I won’t lie, doing an evening lab on thursday (6-9pm) and then a 3-hour morning and afternoon lab on Friday is a bit rough.  Quite a few of my students just didn’t show up in week 1, so they had a lot of general class catch-up to do this week (which means extra work for me).

Strangest moments of TAing so far this year?

1)  Getting addressed by a student as “Mr.”  Um, no…

2)  Listening to my now all-male evening lab (the only girl in the section switched to a morning lab) discuss the lack of women in their engineering peer group.  Entertaining because their main concern is the scarcity of potential class-mate romances.  It sounds just a *leetle* desperate when you’re bummed the girl in your lab dropped because “there’s so few girls in ME, I’ll take whatever I can get.”

3)  Getting so nervous my first day of the semester for lab TAing that I managed to sweat enough to steam up my safety glasses.  Gee, now I *really* look cool :\  Talking in front of 20 new faces really ought not to still have such an intense effect on my nerves.  Although when those 20 new faces are doing the awkward, we-won’t-help-you-out-and-respond-to-any-of-your-discussion-questions thing it doesn’t help matters much.

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