Functionally a long-distance relationship…

The start of the semester brought with it a huge jump in my work hours.  I’m discovering that working 10+ hours each day and being on the opposite sleep schedule (early to bed, early to rise vs. late to bed and slightly later to rise) than my husband makes it so I essentially don’t see him for days at a time.  I mean, I get to see him when he’s asleep, but that’s not quite as nice as getting to chat with a conscious husband 😛  

Today I found myself really missing him – almost the same feeling as when I first moved down to grad-school city and he was back working in home-city for a month.  It was really bizarre, since he’s actually only a 10 minute walk away on campus (he just got a job working for the Dean of Sciences office).  I hadn’t seen him awake since Sunday evening, and hadn’t really gotten to talk to him at all since Sunday afternoon.    

I ended up walking over to his end of campus and got lucky since he happened to just be getting out on his lunch break.  Now an extra hour behind in my work schedule for the day, but it was totally worth it to get to have the first conversation with my husband in about 2 days! 

This situation is so bizarre I just have to laugh sometimes.  What else can you do?


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