I thought I’d spend this Fall slowly increasing my mileage and focusing on adding back in some core work and drills.  I figured I’d be busy, but could find some time to get a workout, long run, and at least one other “quality” run in per week, and maybe a core/strength session or two.

Plans have changed – I’m TAing an extra section (takes up another 6+ hours per week of classroom and grading time), my advisor has decided to try a “high pressure” approach and berates me every time we meet for not working enough, and my two courses are a bit more work than I expected.  I spend about 25 hours on my TA work, another 25 on research (about 15 hours less than what I *should* be putting in, ugh), and about 15 hours each week on coursework (and I’ve still run out of time on two assignments already…panic is setting in).  I spend 6 hours in class, trying to keep my eyes open and head off of my very comfy looking desk.  

The result is that I spend ~70 hours per week either in class or working.  Add my ~2 hours of commuting time per day and I can barely find time to squeeze in a couple runs a week, much less extra work like drills.  I’m disappointed, but I’m going to try and take this time as positive time to deemphasize the running.  After all, I’ve spent most of the last couple years injured.  Maybe this forced cut-back will give me time to heal…I can hope, right?

So, some new goals for Fall:

1)  Get in 3 runs a week (for sanity’s sake).  I plan to keep doing pre-season style workouts with Fish, but will take the other runs as they come – fast when I feel good, slow when I just need a few miles to zone out and rest my brain.

2)  Do core 2x per week and 1 other “extra” thing at least 1x per week.  After a week of time spent hunched over a (very unergonomic) laptop, some back work, hip-loosening drills, or balance work is exactly what I need.  Last week I took a half-hour break during my 10 hours in the computer lab on Sunday and spent that piece of time out in the sun doing drills.  It was seriously amazing and I felt soooo much better the rest of the day.

3)  Do foot work.  If I can do a few balance drills, golf-ball-rolls, and icing sessions each week, my foot might actually get back to normal someday.  That would be AMAZING!  Plus, I can do all those other things while working – doubly wonderful.

I think if I can keep some semblance of a focus in my running life, but have some more reasonable goals in mind, I might actually be able to keep from turning into one big ball of stress this semester…


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