Breaking point…so off for a run!

Breaking off for a run!

Hit a bit of a concentration-breaking-point this weekend. Was already at 55 hours of work/studying/teaching time by Fri afternoon so figured 7 hour days over the weekend would be cake. Um, yea I totally pooped out after 5 yesterday. Just couldn’t focus and decided I needed a mental break. So took last eve off, went to bed early, and slept in – and then went on a lovely, Fall-weather-and-changing-leaves enhanced trail run with Fish this morning. Feeling sooooo much happier about life 🙂
Got to get back in gear this afternoon since MountainMan is coming back from hunting tonight and wants to go to a movie Monday eve (and I have a huge assignment due and a midterm this week – ack!!!) But I think the little break did me good – definitely refreshed my attitude (and hopefully my poor little brain too!)

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