A week in the life…

I think this is the first moment of sit-down-and-relax time I’ve had since Saturday (and let’s be honest, that was mostly sit-down-and-try-to-relax-but-instead-panic-about-all-the-crud-i’m-putting-off time).  I’m at about 50 hours of work for the week, and have spent all but 8 of the last 24 hours on campus.  Fun times!  

This week has been pretty rough running-wise.  I got about a mile in on Tuesday (10 minute progressive run through the moonlit streets – fun but freaky), and am hoping to get some core/short jog in tonight, and a nice long run in tomorrow 🙂  I really need to figure out how to fit running into this schedule…but it’s just so tough!

Some samples from my week:

Monday – A blur of meetings, office hours, and homework.

Tuesday – A flurry of tears, studying, and ill-fated attempts at research.

Wednesday – spent the majority of the day studying for a midterm.  I went into the test with beautifully organized notes (I even had a reference-material index, heck yea!)



By the time the 90 minute exam was over, my frantic page-flipped had reduced my beautiful reference guide to a horrid little pile of chaos.  On the upside, I squeezed in the final problem just under the time limit, and got to share a brief moment of jubilation with my lab mate who’s also in the course (and was very happy to have finished his first American/English-language exam!)

Thursday was a lovely 15 hour slog of research, homework, class, and TAing.  There were a few highlights – I got some awesome coconut-butternut-squash soup (mmm) and had a lovely conversation with the super-sweet ME grad program academic advisor.  She told me my running-shoes-and-dress combo was cute – automatically awesome in my book 🙂  Going back to the less awesome things, the lab ran out of coffee at 2pm and I was on campus working until 12 a.m.  Luckily, emergency coffee!



Unluckily, tasted like dirt 😛  After turning in my assignment at midnight, I walked out of the lab straight into the unloving arms of a roaring sleet-storm and then got trapped in traffic behind hordes of football fans.  Enough said!  


Now just need to survive 3 more hours of teaching before I head to the park to get a short run in, and then I’ll finally get to return home to snuggle up with some hot cocoa, Dr. Who, and my *favorite* gradebook.  Ah, living the dream ;P



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