Running in the wind

Running in the wind

Got to watch one of my former teammates fight through the wind, cold, and mud in Terre Haute today to capture 2nd place at NCAA DI XC Nationals this morning. So amazing seeing her kick some serious butt!

Of course, this got me all fired up for my little 2-mile run 🙂 I definitely didn’t conquer the wind as handily as my rock-star ex teammate, but at least had some inspiration to keep me pushing through the gusts. I ended up having a nice little lope in the sun and the wind happily thinking back to all the XC seasons I’ve run, and all the amazing teammates I was fortunate enough to run with.

Finished my run up with some core & stretching down by the local high school track and watched a kid (middle school probably) running a workout with his coach. Every time he came around the curve and onto the straightaway he had to throw himself into the wind and gut out the 100 m or so through the sharp gusts.

Just a bunch of runners, battling the wind with the strength of our stubborn legs.


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