Running dreams

The last few nights have been running dream nights.  I fall asleep and suddenly I’m back on my high school or college team, doing a shake-out on some random xc course, warming up for a track workout, heading off into the foothills for a long run, or trying desperately to keep up with my former teammates as we race around one of the conference XC courses.  Apparently I’m also out of shape in my dreams.  

But even with the dreams where I’m flailing around in last place, doing the dreaded running-through-tar slog, I feel a little sad when I wake up and realize I’m not actually going to get to do that workout or run that race or get to be a part of those old teams again.

I can, however, pull on a pair of tights and a jacket, lace up my shoes, slip out the door and onto the streets, and let the joy of those memory dreams carry me forward while I put in the miles towards making some new dream-worthy running memories.



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