Capturing adrenaline on canvas

Capturing adrenaline on canvas

MountainMan got me some open studio time at a local painting studio for my birthday and I finally had a couple hours to check it out over the break. It was pretty awesome – they provide all the paint, brushes, and a pre-stretched canvas and the studio has giant windows and overlooks a nearby park. And they serve mimosas 😉

I had an idea floating around in my head for a painting when I went over and figured I’d see how much of it I could get onto canvas in my 2 hour slot. I wanted to capture the feeling of racing under the lights. That’s one of the things I miss most about college running – going somewhere warm (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Louisiana…yes, I’m spoiled) and then getting to experience the thrill of staying up late and running under the glow of stadium lights. The sun and wind die down and you’re left with calm, cool night air that exaggerates the nervous stillness of the starting line and throws it into even sharper contrast with the crazy frenzy of elbows and spikes that explodes into being when the gun goes off. Mt. SAAC at midnight? Um, yes please!

I don’t think I quite captured the image in my mind but it’s a decent starting point for some further work. Two hours of just sitting and thinking and painting was amazing – I forget how much I miss that sometimes. Best birthday gift I could ever ask for 🙂

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