Here comes finals week…

Here comes finals week...

Finals week prep is taking its toll – 3 hours of sleep Sunday night, 6 the next, and 7 last night because I “slept in.” I spent today in a state of constant near-panic thinking about all the stuff I need to get done in the next 11 days. It was unpleasantly akin to spending an entire day dealing with pre-race jitters…but with no awesome racing at the end. Blech!

Luckily, I did fit a run in and got to enjoy some glorious sunshine and temps above 20 degrees for a change! I’ve added strides back in the last couple weeks and today was the first day where I felt like I could do a full-speed stride without feeling any apprehension about my foot or compensation in my stride. Such a great feeling 🙂

I’m keeping up the short & easy run scheduler through the rest of this week and finals week next week. Figured trying to add hard workouts on top of exams/term projects/research/proctoring/grading might be just a tad much. Can’t wait to get everything finished and do some hard running! And get some much needed sleep 😉


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