Teaching & the end of the semester

My students totally made the long hours of TAing and grading worth it today…got so many thank you’s for what was apparently a fun semester of lab as students walked out the door at the end of lab and even had a few students asking what lab I’m teaching next semester so they could try to get into my section.  

It might be just because I’m the “nice” TA (apparently some of the students think my fellow TA’s are scary, which I find hilarious), but I figure even niceness can’t make up for crappy teaching.  At least not to the point where students would seek out my lab section!  Actually looking forward to getting my teaching evals this semester – knowing that the majority of my students are actually enjoying the lab and my teaching makes the idea of facing the typical evaluation criticisms seem more like an exciting opportunity to improve on my weaknesses, rather than an intimidating list of my failures as an instructor.  Just the boost I needed on a long Friday before finals’ week!   

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