Got in my first workout since September today!  I headed over to the track but ended up running around the path at the park since the track was buried in several inches of snow (winter workouts – never quite as simple as expected!).  I also ended up forgetting to bring my watch with me so the workout turned out to be based on a bit of guesswork.  I’d set out to do 2×100 strides, 1×1 mile alternating 200 on, 200 off, and then another couple strides.  Nothing crazy, just a bit of transition from zero speed work at all to regular workouts.

The warmup was a bit rough but the workout was lovely.  My legs felt fine and I only felt a couple barely-there twinges from the foot – hurrah!  Strides and drills felt way more natural and much better on the foot than last time I tried to do any workouts, which was probably the best part of the run 🙂  Now just doing a but of stretching and icing and writing up some similar workouts for next week!


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