Running goals for the new year!

2013 is coming to a close and the time for new 2014 goals has come!  I’ve been inspired lately by several of the awesome running goal lists from fellow runners and I’m hoping I can come up with an equally awesome list of goals for the coming year.  

I’m used to setting time goals for races during a season and then working to reach those times.  However, it’s been really tough to focus on this kind of goal lately as injuries, illness, and grad school craziness keep leaping out of the bushes and making it impossible to get in the necessary preparation to race and hit fast times.  Instead of performance goals, I think I need to aim for some goals that I can control no matter what happens as far as sickness, injury, or difficulty fitting in races between research/teaching responsibilities.  So here goes!

1)  Cross-train!  I HATE cross training…maybe because I tend to only do it when forced to by injury.  But I know doing some non-running recovery will help with getting in some extra aerobic, strength, and flexibility work while reducing my chances of a running-related overuse injury.  I’m going to aim for biking 1-2x per week in place of a recovery run, and will do yoga one day a week since free classes are offered at the local running store this spring.  

2)  Start lifting again.  I stopped doing any sort of strength training this past Fall since classes and research pretty much took over my life.  However, if I’m already at the rec center to hit the stationary bike I might as well stay and extra 15 – 30 minutes and get buff ha ha 😉  I’m planning to focus on muscle balance in my legs/hips and regaining strength in my back/shoulders.  Time to counteract all those hours hunched over the computer…

3)  Wear hat/sunglasses more often.  Hats make my head hot, but I’m starting to get a little wrinkly.  Plus, skin cancer does NOT look like a good time.

4)  Think long term.  It’s really tough canceling a workout or holding off on racing when my focus is just on hitting fast times in the next week or month.  However, when I look at the long term picture, I’d much rather take it easy and give injuries a chance to heal now than not be able to run in years to come due to old injuries and imbalances.

Now I just need to print these out and staple my list somewhere I’ll see it on those days then x-training sounds miserable, it’s 100 degrees out and I’m scared a hat will literally make my brains boil, and I want to push through a niggling pain to make it to the next race!

Does anyone else out there set yearly running goals or season goals?  

6 thoughts on “Running goals for the new year!

  1. Good set of goals. I’d add sun cream aswell as hat and sunnies. Thinking long term is very wise if you plan on getting through a long year. I posted my goals yesterday, let me know what you think?

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