Workout No. 2: Fartlek!

Got out in the sun today for my second workout since last Monday’s glorified strides.  I pulled a workout out of my college coach’s 800 m winter training and did a fartlek of 4×1 minute hard, 4×45 sec hard, 4×30 sec hard with 1 min easy pace recovery between repeats.  This second workout was a bit more intense than last week’s, though still short (8 total minutes of faster running interspersed with easy jogging).  It felt glorious to get out in the sunshine and get some fast running in!  Everything felt great – no toe twinges even after I’d cooled down. Yayyyy!

Also, fartleks are just awesome in general – no worrying about pace or hitting splits or having to witness exactly how out of shape one is 😉  They’re the perfect workout for getting in a solid effort and gaining a nice feeling of satisfaction without any stress over paces.  Not to mention the joy of escaping from the monotony of daily easy runs! 


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