More workout fun!

Today was another speed-work day!  The tracks are all frozen over still so I got to play the distance guessing game on the roads.  I had intended to do two sets of 2×300 @ 5k pace and 2×400 @ mile pace, so I ended up just going by time and running sets of 2×1 minute at estimated 5k pace with 30 seconds recovery and 2×80 seconds at 1 mile pace with 2 minutes recovery.  I ran it on a little 500 meter looped drive near my apartment since there aren’t too many cars on that side street.  Unfortunately, there is a rather long hill on one side of the loop and every time I hit it I felt like I’d suddenly gained 10 pounds.  It was a major struggle to hold my form together through the end of each 80 second interval but I managed better than I had expected.  It may be a while before I can actually hold a whole mile at my “mile pace,” but today’s workout was a good start!   


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