Research…just keep grinding!

Today I got an email from my advisor asking for a project timeline for the week’s research meeting.  I freaked out just a little – I’ve had a tough time being motivated about my project over the holidays and the idea of writing down every single thing that I still have to get done in order to finish sent my heart rate through the roof.  Making a timeline also involved figuring out exactly how little time I have to get it all done in.  If I want to graduate in the Spring I need to be done the beginning of March – that’s 9 weeks away and I have yet to complete my model (which I’m sure will involve some unexpected challenges), compare my model results to my imaging results (still need to figure out a good way to do this), write my entire thesis (and hopefully a paper?), and defend the dang thing!  To be honest, the resulting anxiety made me want to curl up in bed and escape into unconsciousness, but I figured that sleeping it off isn’t exactly a productive way to shrink the giant pile of sh*t-to-get-done.  So I sat down and listed everything out and threw in some expected time requirements.  And doing that actually helped a lot – I have a concrete research goal for each week now and know where I need to be to hit either the Spring or Summer graduation date.  The end is in sight and I found my motivation again.  Now I just need to ramp back up to my crazy long days from last year (aiming for 60+ hours weeks – 40+ research, 20 TA.  Oh yayyyyy :P) and get it all done!  DO ALL THE THINGS!!!


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