Wool-socks and a workout

Wool-socks and a workout

It’s cooled off a bit this week (although still wayyyy warmer than in the New Arctic that’s settled in on the midwest and eastern states!) so half tights and a t-shirt were replaced by tights with wool socks and a cozy long sleeve for today’s workout. Luckily the dreary snow-clouds outside were counteracted by the awesomeness of my brand new running shoes – they are pretty snazzy, ya?

I headed out at 3pm and instantly ran into swarms of school children and van-driving parents. Oh yea, school’s back in session! After making my way through the traffic jam I was able to make it to the park unimpeded and start my workout. I did a fartlek today – 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00 hard, 3 minutes easy-run pace recovery and then 4×45 seconds concentrating on quick turnover with 2 minutes of “wogging”(mix of walking and jogging cause I’m a bum). It felt pretty good, even with some sore muscles left over from circuits over the weekend. The tall wool socks definitely helped my aching calves hold on during the hard segments 😉

Oh yea, and so far the New Year’s goals have been going pretty well – I’ve been holding true to my cross-training schedule (weights twice last week, yoga yesterday and weights/bike tomorrow), I’ve been wearing a hat & sunscreen on sunny days, and I’ve been focused on listening to my body (cut out a few runs last week due to some arch pain).  Just need to keep it up for 11.5 more months 😉

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