I just got back from a 2 mile run that was *supposed* to be a 3 mile run with 8x200m hard/easy wedged in the middle.  Alas, it seems my wimpy little feet had other plans – my left arch kept cramping up and my right toe was achy and stiff.  I turned around after 10 minutes of hoping my uncooperative feet would warm up and behave, but ended up stopping and just walking back when it became evident that I wasn’t going to get to do any of the workout and my feet weren’t improving at all.

I’m annoyed, but holding off the panicky injury thoughts by keeping in mind that I did a hard workout on Tuesday and a nice longer run yesterday and my feet felt fine for both.  And they’ll probably feel just fine tomorrow after I roll & ice them.  

In other news, it looks like this is going to be a fun semester of TAing.  We’re doing team teaching with a lead and secondary TA for each lab section so there’s a lot less chaos and answering questions goes much quicker.  The best part though is getting to see how someone else teaches the material – I think I’ll be a much better teacher after watching two other TA’s and getting new teaching ideas throughout the semester.  Research has been going well too – spent a frustrating 5 hours working on software issues yesterday but finally got a workaround figured out and accomplished my main research goal for the week.  Hurrah!


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