Adventures in snow-land

Adventures in snow-land

My feet decided to get back to their happy, pain-free selves today so I was able to meet up with Fish for a 5 miler on the trails above the university. Actually getting out onto the trails proved to be a bit of an adventure. I had chugged a couple mugs of tea before I left because I woke up desperately thirsty and the house was frigid. Unfortunately, this meant by the time I reached the university my bladder was full of processed tea. There aren’t any bathrooms at the trailhead…or at any of the 2 gas stations/convenience stores that I stopped at on the way up to the trail :S I figured I’d just hop into the bushes before we left and kept driving towards the trailhead. Just do what you’ve gotta do, right?

The trail parking starts about 200 m past where the pavement (and snowplow route) end. I saw that Fish’s little sedan had made it in so I figured my two-wheel drive, no snow tire car would be fine too. It was…until I had to stop to let someone back out. Long story short, I got stuck. Fish and gallant gent who was standing by tried to push me to get started, to no avail. I couldn’t go forward and I couldn’t turn around. Luckily, Fish is brilliant and suggested backing down the road in order to return to the safety of the plowed pavement. I managed to get rolling and reversed my way down to a lower parking lot and ran back up to meet her (stopping for a pit-stop in some handy dandy shrubbery).

Once all that craziness was over the run actually went quite well. The sun came out and the trails were nicely packed. We caught up on each other’s lives since break started and got in a lovely 40 minutes of chatting and winding along the foothill trails.


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