Starting the week off right…

Starting the week off right...

…with a tempo run! I took a mid-afternoon break from research to get out while the blessed sun was shining and the roads were nicely de-iced. After a few days of ice and snow the asphalt was finally clear again – perfect for some speed work.

I drove over to one of the larger local parks (Sugarhouse), which has a 1.5 mile loop of road around the inside with designated pedestrian, bike, and car lanes. It’s perfect for workouts – 2 small hills for some extra oomph, it’s plowed in the winter and lit at night, and, best of all, no worrying about getting run over by crazy Salt Lake drivers!

I warmed up with my i-pod (seriously, I can handle workouts by myself, but I soooo miss having teammates to make the warmups and cool downs more bearable!), did a few drills, and then took off for the tempo. The plan was to try to hit 7:00 and then drop down to 6:50 for the 2nd mile (2 miles total), and then run a few strides afterwards to get some turnover in. I haven’t done any timed workouts since my time off so I honestly had no idea if I’d be able to hit the paces.

I ended up running 6:50, 6:55! Amazingly close to my goals, considering I didn’t even check my watch at the 1 mile mark (oops…). With the couple of short but steep hills, slight altitude, and being out of shape those splits make me pretty happy. Best of all, I was able to hold my form even through the tough last 800m and I didn’t feel totally spent after. I was able to go straight into the strides after just a brief recovery. Next week I hope to do the same tempo loop but hit some faster paces – maybe 6:45 average.

Also, I got the Jack Daniels’ Running Formula book in the mail today – can’t wait to check out the 800m training plan and get some ideas for future workouts!

Does anyone have any suggestions for other training books/different training philosophies to check out?


2 thoughts on “Starting the week off right…

  1. Did you follow JD in collegiate training? My coach (years 3-4) was a strong follower of Jack’s methods, we all were encouraged to buy the book, and I ran my first 3hr run and a 5K PR (at the time) with it. I still follow his plan more-or-less these days. I also recommend Pete Pfitzinger if you get into the longer stuff; it’s basically Jack Daniels for marathons, and the Hansons Method is a similar line of thought (summarized as “run regularly and be smart.”)

    • From a brief look through the book it does look like my college coach utilized a similar training approach, though maybe leaning a bit more toward Lydiard’s methods. That’s awesome that your coach encouraged all of you to get the book – it’s great to have a coach who helps his or her runners gain an understanding of WHY they are doing all the different workouts! My high school coach was excellent at explaining the training principles (and definitely a JD method advocate!) and it was a huge motivator to know exactly how each workout or training run would contribute to a successful season. Thanks for the recommendations – I’ll have to check those out in case I get bit by the marathon bug 🙂

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