Wheeeeee, it’s Wednesday…

Wheeeeee, it's Wednesday...

Not so awesome points of the day:
* Having to lecture with a screwed up monitor so that my only view of everything I was doing was behind me on the projector. This makes typing example code about a billion times more tricky.
* Not getting up in time for breakfast before I had to leave 😦
* Getting asked the same (complicated to answer) question approximately a *billion* times during lab. It’s inevitable and understandable, but really, truly exhausting/tedious.
* Being told by some jerk in the weight room that the empty bench was “his.” Um, no – if you are taking a 5-minute break 20 feet away while talking to your buddies the bench you were using is free game.

Awesome points of the day:
* Productive research discussion with advisor…followed by a fun chat about running, biking, the dismal reality of winter training, and the stupidity of GPS watches apparently being designed for people with hulk-wrists.
* Coffee from an actual coffee shop to replace breakfast. Not as filling, but soooo delicious! And I snagged a bagel later so no mid-morning hunger pangs 🙂

* Reading this.  Had to smother a severe case of the giggles.

* Watching my students get super excited about Arduino and making little circuits. The best labs are the ones where people feel like they are getting a chance to play!

* Getting to the lab just in time to watch some really cool stuff go down with liquid nitrogen and really freaking hot metal tubes! Oooooh, sciiiieeennnccce!
* Getting home and reading some more Jack Daniels’ – and adding to my Spring training plan!
* MountainMan gave me a snicker doodle and a kiss 😀

Overall I’d say today totally rocked 😉


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