Some running related diy’s

After a long week of fighting with software for research and slogging through a bunch of grading I decided to spend the weekend giving my brain a break and doing some fun projects.  Ironically, each of the projects ended up being running related – I think with the decrease in workouts miles I was having a little running-focus withdrawal.  

The first project was to finish up a running top that I started working on last summer.  The straps kept slipping down off my shoulder so I added a strip of fabric across the back of the neck to keep the straps together a little more.  Here’s how it turned out:



Now just waiting til it warms up enough to test out on a run!  I’ll let you all know how that turns out…probably mid-July 😛

My second project was much more practical for the current weather – touchscreen compatible gloves!  I started using Strava this week after seeing this awesome post on Running Starfish.  It’s basically an online run tracker, along with some cool social features (you can start clubs and follow other runners), route finding ideas (you can search for local segments and compare performance against other runners on those routes), and data tools (my favorite?  Grade adjusted pace – basically, it tells you what pace you’d be running on flat ground for your pace over a certain grade.  It makes me feel wayyyy better about myself on hilly runs!).  Anyhow, using Strava with the app on my phone (too broke to get a GPS watch at the moment) means I need to be able to carry and mess around with my phone during runs.  

Carrying is easy – I can slip my phone under the shoulder band of my sports bra and it holds just fine.  However, the cold-as-heck winter weather, which results in the need to for gloves, means my fingers need to get extricated from their cozy little glove compartments every time I want to pause the run.  Stoplights, street crossings, and untied shoes have become much more irritating.  I finally got irritated enough to do something about it and ended up looking for diy touch-screen glove instructions online.  I got lucky and found this tutorial for an inexpensive solution.  I tried it out and ended up with these:



They work brilliantly!  The slight conductivity of the thread (the metal is apparently coated in a thin layer of polymer to keep it from tarnishing) turned out to be perfectly adequate and I didn’t have to spend $20 for the special conductive thread that people use for electronics projects.  Woot!  

My last project is still in progress.  I have a bunch of old t-shirts that I keep trying to throw away, but it’s hard to cull the collection when most of them are old xc or track shirts with sentimental value.  I’ve been slowly converting them into projects such as summer tank tops, shoulder bags, scarves, and bracelets and finally found another good t-shirt project – an ice pack cover!  Ok, so it’s not really that exciting, but most runners will need to ice every one in a while and this way I won’t have to grab a dish towel to keep the ice pack off my skin and then end up irritating my husband with a giant pile of once-used dish towels.  I found an ice pack recipe here (I used the 3rd recipe) and just did a simple rectangle for the cover.  Here’s the started cover:



( why yes, that shirt is 15 years old.  And yes, I still love it!)

And here’s the lovely gooey ice pack:



Lemon dish soap and rubbing alcohol produce a very…peculiar smell.  Pretty sure the inside of my nose has never been cleaner 😐

I’ve got the ice pack chilling in the freezer – hopefully it end up lovely and gelatinous 🙂  

Well, enough crafting for one weekend, I’m off to eat some dinner and do some *lovely* Sunday night research work!   


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