Oh, hey there…

Just realized it’s been a week since I last posted.  Oops – I hope none of my *billions* of readers have pined away without my brilliant musing to sustain them 😉  

Anyhow, I was plenty busy without sending any of my bloggy drivel out into the internet ether.  I got in a solid 20 hours on research and 30 hours of teaching/grading/prep work during the week and a short thesis outlining session in over the weekend.  Research has been frustrating lately – long story short, software is not behaving due to corrupted files.  At least it’s not due to something I did wrong…although maybe that would make it easier to fix.  I’ve been fighting this issue for several weeks and spent this week going back and forth with the support folks.  Alas, the issue wasn’t resolved as of Friday afternoon.

I have no desire to further raise my blood pressure & cortisol levels tonight so I’ll stick to talking about the (much more successful) running portion of my week.  I got in a second week at ~16 miles total, plus a couple hours of cross-training/lifting.  Oh, and MountainMan and I got a wobble-board so we’ve been getting in some painful little foot rehab sessions on that.  I’m totally kicking his butt in the single-leg squat balance competition that he doesn’t know we’re having 😉  

I found out that the path over at Liberty park is relatively clear and got in some nice “long” runs (a measly 4 – 5 miles, sigh).  Besides the paucity of ice/snow, the park is pancake flat and has rows of beautiful towering pines that shelter the running path from the road noise nearby.



I was lucky enough to get MountainMan to join me today, although he was less pleased than I was about the fact that it was pouring rain.  He was a good sport however and we had a nice jaunt through the mostly empty park.



This guy rocks my socks 🙂  Also, my phone camera lens fogs up quite interestingly in the rain 😛

The aftermath of 5 miles?  Some nicely mudded calves and shoe-laces that closely resemble drowned worms:



Here’s to adding a couple more miles next week and, fingers crossed, some better news on the research front.  Lastly, good luck to all you winter-weather braving runners out there!  We got this 😉



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