18 miles!

I finally got back up to 18 miles total this week – it’s not much but it’s the most mileage I’ve been able to do since my half-marathon back in September.  More importantly, I didn’t have to take a single day off this week due to pain.  I took one day off because it was on my schedule, but could probably have run through based on how good my foot felt.  I also had zero pain on my “long” run this week, which is the first time in I don’t even know how long.  4.5 fast miles (7:25 down to 7:15 pace due to trying to keep up with my speedy husband and our even speedier dog) on concrete and wood-chip trail (usually an aggravator) with not even a twinge.  And my toe still feels good, several hours after.  I am ecstatic! 

However, I also know that this is the most critical time to keep my cool and stick to my conservative progression plan.  It’s tempting to declare myself healed and jump in faster than I should.  I’m going to stick to 18 – 19 miles again for the next couple weeks and will add just ½ mile to my “long” run.  No strides, tempo runs, or slacking on my foot rehab and cross-training.  If all is good I’ll move up to a few weeks around 20 miles, then 23, 26, 29, and then once I hit 30 miles/week *pain free* I will start basing my mileage progression on Jack Daniels’ ‘1 mile per session run’ rule.  So excited to get some decent mileage in again!!!  I’ve been watching track and cross meets every weekend on Flotrack and I’ve started having racing dreams almost every night.  My mind is ready to run fast and is just waiting for my body to catch up 😉



[ One of my favorite running buddies and his favorite furry running buddy 😉 ]




[ Hot coffee with chocolate-caramel creamer.  Post-run heaven ]


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