Back at it

Last week was rough…a poorly executed step on rough ground led to several days in a row off running and general stress/grad-school blues resulted in those days off being replaced by far too much chair time (ALL THE GRADING!!!).  And chocolate.  All the chocolate.  And (while not grading) margaritas – probably not the ideal beverage for a hurt runner!  Oops.

But now I’m back on my feet and savoring every mile.  And back to a much healthier menu of fruit & veggies & other lovely REAL FOOD (and ramen, and coffee, and nutella…because, grad school :P)  



Yeserday’s post-run view before descending to the subterranean laboratory bwahhahaha lab for a couple more hours of work.  

65 degrees and sunny – crazy (but enjoyable) February weather 🙂


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