What a week…

Just got done grading for the week.  Yesterday turned into a crazy marathon session of grading anguish (and, eventually, the everything-is-so-hilarious giddiness that comes with too little sleep and too much tedium).  How sad is it that those hours of brain-numbing work represent almost my entire social life for the week?  Yep, grad school is pretty cool…

Research picked up a bit – got some help with software and had a much less stressful meeting with my advisor than I expected.  I did get told that sleep and free time are “unnecessary”, which made me laugh a little.  But only in my head.  Because I’m not entirely sure my advisor was joking :S  I usually buy into the whole workaholic culture of academia and fully understand that my graduation date hangs on my efforts over the next few weeks.  However, being told straight up that I literally don’t need sleep may be going a bit far.  Unless my advisor is willing to foot the resulting coffee bill I may need to cheat and grab a few hours here and there 😉

Anyways, I had 32 hours committed to TAing this week between labs, office hours, lab prep, proctoring, and grading…just a little over the 20 hours that I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing 😛  That plus a solid 20 hours on research (and more tomorrow!) means I’ve been extremely glad to have been able to get out and enjoy some relaxing, pain free miles of running this week.  

I’m at 14 miles for the week after a quality long run today (pushed throughout and then threw in a mile of tempo on the end – down to 6:45 pace, yay!).  Heading out on the trails tomorrow for an easy 4 that will put me at 18 total.  If all feels good, up to 20 next week!  So excited 😀  


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