Ass-kicker Hill

Yesterday’s run was killer – took a new trail up from the canyon road and ended up on the most technical, steep trail I’ve ever run.  According to Strava, some poor soul ran this route before me and named it, quite aptly, “Ass-kicker Hill.”  I gained 800 feet of elevation in the first mile and was gasping for air as I “ran” (more like crawled) up the shale-strewn single track.  I considered turning around, but just couldn’t resist finding out what was around each new corner.  And, can’t lie, I really, really hoped the trail would level out around each next corner 😉

I ended up on top of a hill nearly to the snow line, surrounded by little high-altitude cacti:


I spent several more miles clambering down the treacherously steep return-side of the loop  and then finally got to stride out on some relatively flat trail near the base.  My quads, calves, and glutes were absolutely shot by the end of my 6 mile run – haven’t felt that exhausted in a long time.  Sore as heck today but the views were absolutely worth it 🙂



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