Slacking off

Slacking off

Ok, so I haven’t been slacking off in the other areas of my life (i.e. desperately trying to make some research progress & teaching little freshmen how to survive coding in C), but I SERIOUSLY slacked in the running department this week :S It started with a smart rest day due to tight calves/feet and then turned into “meh, I’d so much rather lay here on the floor after work and watch Netflix.” Not good! How sad is it that the longest run of the week was a 4 miler (completed after an 11 hour day of TAing, research, and skipping lunch – that 4 miles of turning my brain off was desperately needed).

However, this slacking has got to stop, because I just remembered I signed up for a 5k in two weeks. Oops. I’d like to at least get in some strides ahead of time and then use the 5k as a solid (and probably painful) tempo run.

I’m hoping that 5k will represent my return to more structured training. I’d love to start adding in some baby workouts, get my mileage up to ~30 mpw, and fit some summer races in somewhere between the madness of trying to complete my thesis & graduate, find a job, and figure out where the heck MM and I are going to be living at the end of the summer. I’m going to need some way to let off steam in the midst of all that stress!!! Jumping in a few summer 5k’s seems like the perfect solution ๐Ÿ˜‰

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