Time is flying…

After a rough Monday this week absolutely flew by.  Not to say the rest of the week wasn’t tough – my darling MountainMan has been out of town all week and I really miss him.  Although, I *am* a little relieved he’s been off having fun because if he was home I’d hardly have time to see him anyhow and he’d probably be feeling a bit lonesome.  Yep, this week’s been a packed one!

I started the week off with some grading, thesis writing, a *delightful* soldering session (3 hours of sticking little tiny components together and enjoying the delicious sent of melting solder, mmm) and a late night trying to get my *favorite* finite element model to work.  Workout:  Not-so-easy 4 mile slog down to the local park.  Sooo tired.   

Tuesday I spent the morning switching header wires out for the lab course that I TA.  I actually kind of like these repetitive tasks – mainly because I feel so accomplished when I end up with a nice big pile of parts to prove how much I got done ha ha.  I also pounded out a couple pages of my thesis and did some more work with the model from hell.  Alas, these latter tasks gave me far less concrete rewards for my efforts 😛  Workout:  3 miles with my favorite smartypants running buddy 🙂  High point of our running conversation?  These awesome-sauce shorts from my new addiction, Oiselle.  Dang you Oiselle and your comfy, comfy clothing! 

Wednesday was actually pretty good – I was on campus for 13 hours but my advisor was out of town so I got to actually eat lunch for once instead of rushing from lab, to a meeting, and back to lab like usual and desperately trying not to pass out from hunger while teaching lab.  I am a major fan of lunch!!!  An unfortunate combination of extended office hours (5 hours instead of the usual 1…yay?), panic over the fact that my model *still* wasn’t working, and wayyyy too much caffeine during the day meant I was up til 2 working on research.  No running for me.  

 Thursday brought some enjoyable thesis writing and another tough office hour session (*only* 4 hours this time 😛  But I got a candy bar from a grateful student.  Woot!).  Workout: Felt like I was flying!  2 miles easy downhill, 1 mile up-tempo back up the hill, 1 mile easy (but still uphill, my calves are still tired!).  Freakishly amazing considering the lack of sleep.

Today I taught in the morning and then spent the rest of the day editing figures for a manuscript that I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to.  I actually kind of like tediously moving and cropping images in Powerpoint.  Especially since I can listen to my new favorite podcast (Welcome to Nightvale – so weird, but so awesome!) while doing so.  Workout:  basically the most difficult 4 miles ever.  Easy pace but was just dragging 😦  Too much time hunched over computers = back muscles so tight I feel like my lungs are being crushed.  Boo.  


Things I learned this week:

1)  Some of the best runs come when you are least expecting them (ok, already knew that but got a great reminder on Thursday 😉  ).  

2)  I find nearly 30 hours of face-time with students exhausting.  I love teaching, but teaching students how to debug code takes a ridiculous amount of patience and energy.  I seriously don’t know how elementary/middle/high school teachers teach all day, every day.  I’d probably turn into a total grouch :S

3)  25 mile weeks can actually be plenty tiring.  Even if weekly mileage less than 50 still *sounds* like a piece of cake to my ex-collegiate-runner brain, when you’ve barely run for almost a year 25 miles in a week provides plenty of physical stress.  I have been extremely grateful for the full 25 miles worth of quiet time & endorphins this week though 🙂  


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