Just got done teaching lab. I’m at 26 hours of TA time so far this week. And I haven’t even started grading yet. And I still have weekend open lab hours. Last night I finally collapsed in to bed at a little after midnight and then spent the night having stressful nightmares about debugging students’ Arduino code. Spent my morning lab essentially re-living my nightmares with actual students and actual code. Love my students, but I will be extremely pleased when this whole design competition thing is over.

In other words, I desperately need a break. My own desk sits on the other side of a well-ventilated wall from the undergrad design lab – I’m constantly overhearing conversations regarding the class I’m TAing for. I really don’t need the extra stress of overhearing everything that goes wrong during the day even while I’m “off duty.”

This afternoon I had the brilliant idea to retire to the molecular biotechnology building – no freshmen, no TA business, peace and quiet because all the labs do quiet, peaceful work (not sawing, drilling, grinding), and they have AMAZING coffee and brilliant hanging sculptures of…micelles? Hm, well they are shiny & I like them 😉

All settled in now & enjoying a delicious lavender latte, so signing off now to write my thesis 🙂


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