These shorts rock my socks!

These shorts rock my socks!

So you know those lovely mac rogas from Oiselle that I mentioned a while ago?  Well, I totally caved and bought the dang things.  Last running purchase til I get a job with a decent paycheck I swear!  Anyhow, they are heavenly.  So heavenly in fact that I am devoting an entire blog post to how delightful they are 😉

Ok, so this rhapsody on Oiselle’s shorts-engineering genius was prompted by the fact that I wore my fancy new shorts for my 5k on Saturday and it got me thinking about what makes a pair of running shorts good enough to be that pair – the once you refuse to wear early on in a race week because you are fiendishly saving them for race day.  

So what do I usually wear on race day?  Well, I love me some racing buns, but that look’s a little hard to pull off at my current fitness level (if I’m going to be wearing buns EVERYONE better be behind me so my ass gets adequate admiration).  Spandex are my next choice, but lately some of my older Nike spandex have developed racing-bun aspirations and no one wants to race with a wedgie :S  I have 2 decent pairs of spandex but, to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling the skin-tight vibe this week.  Ok, so the next choice is traditional, side-slit, flappy-legged running shorts.  Of my current pairs I have 1 old pair that is race-ready – no excessive side-slit, fitted enough to avoid flashing my short-liner while stretching, and have actual pockets.  Every other pair somehow leaves the running store & morphs into a booty-flashing, thigh-riding, inadequately pocketed mess.  

However, my growing collection of Oiselle shorts actually manages to be brilliantly comfy while also avoiding all of the above – no awkward side-slit to blow open in a stiff breeze, no flappy parts to scoot up my thighs, tons of pockets (some even have ZIPPERS!!! No more digging around on the trail for 30 minutes searching for a dropped house key!), and somehow they all magically stay decent even when I’m streching my piriformis.  

So basically I just felt really compelled today to reveal my super runner-nerdy side and dedicate 15 minutes of my life to singing the praises of these magical unicorn shorts of the running shorts world 😉


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