Spring speed work started today :D

Fish and I did our first “speed” workout of the Spring today! By “speed” I just mean workout type running – faster than our usual runs but not actual speed work with sprinting and such.  We are way too out of shape to do anything that requires actual speed 😛

We got a workout from “Coach”, i.e. my favorite MountainMan.  That exercise physiology degree of his sure comes in handy sometimes 😉  He prescribed a short warmup, then 800 m of SSJC (strides on the straightaway, jog on the curves) to get our legs ready to move fast.  The actual workout was 6 x {300 m @ goal 5k pace and 100 m of easy recovery jogging}.  Fish and I are aiming for a 5k in a few weeks and hope to get at least a little fitness in our legs & lungs by the race.  I’m hoping to break 20 minutes and Fish is just a little behind in terms of fitness, so today’s goal pace was 75 seconds/300 m – this works out to 20:49 5k pace and represented a nice compromise since we had a pretty decent headwind on one side of the track.  

We hit every rep between 73 and 75 – stellar work considering Fish had given in to the licorice candy after work and I’d just had a panini and beer a few hours before our workout.  Oops…  

The panini and beer sat fine – thank goodness!  I just couldn’t resist a celebratory meal after wrapping up ~65 hours of TAing/open lab hours over the last week with today’s freshman design competition and (as a result of the insane schedule) consisting solely on ramen, bagels, and stale donuts for the same period of time.  

Overall our first “easing back in” workout went great and I can’t wait to hit the track again together next week! 


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