Lungs full of salt

2014-04-22 18.49.49

Fish & I had a workout planned for yesterday evening…which, as usual, means the weather went all to heck about 6pm. I’d packed for 80’s and sunny when getting ready in the morning (since my phone apparently likes to lie about the weather forecast) and just about froze my arms & legs off during our romp through the cold wind.

The storm blew in off the Great Salt Lake and then settled overhead at the base of the mountains. Every time a storm comes in off the lake it brings with it a fine mist of salt that settles on one’s hair and skin and pulls the mind to distant memories of childhood visits to the sea. We ran our workout through cold, blowing rain that tasted of tears and fish.

The combination of wind and frigid temperatures slowed us down a bit, but the workout went well overall. The plan was to warm-up with an easy jog and then do 2 laps of SSJC (stride straights, jog curves), 2×500 m at goal 5k pace (2:00) with 100m jog R, then another 2 laps of SSJC, and finally finish up with 3x300m at goal 5k pace (72) with 100 m jog R. We hit the 500’s a bit slow (2:06’s) since we had an entire straightaway into the gale, but the 300’s were right on (70, 72, and 71).

“Coach” (i.e. MountainMan) is threatening us with 800’s and 1200’s next week, we’ll see how that goes!


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