Why yes, I will run 5k in the pouring rain if it means I may win delicious cookies…

Why yes, I will run 5k in the pouring rain if it means I may win delicious cookies...

So I ran another 5k this morning! The race was held by a local Girl Scout troop and was cookie themed. Since the Girl Scouts acted as miniature race directors, several runners dressed up as the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, and the post race snacks & prizes all included boxes of Girl Scout cookies the race was basically an overdose of adorable & delicious πŸ˜‰

It was chilly & rainy and I just about froze during my warm up. Luckily Mountain Man came along and did his human radiator routine, letting me warm my hands up on his pre-race. He’s a sweetie πŸ˜‰ I stripped off my wind-breaker, tights, and arm-warmers right before the start and ended up racing in just spandex shorts and a singlet (brilliant orange, to counteract the grey, rainy gloom).

We took off and the one other gal in my age group glanced at her Garmin about 300m in and dropped back, leaving me alone except for a small group of men and a (high school?) boy. By halfway I had passed the 3 guys immediately ahead of me and had a nice gap on the 2nd place woman. 1st & 2nd men were well ahead of me so I ended up battling the rain and wind alone for the last mile. I passed a cheering MountainMan with 800 to go and got a nice boost from that πŸ™‚

With about 100 to go I managed to completely miss the turn to the finish. Yea, I’m just a *little* directionally challenged :S And there were definitely not enough cones for oxygen-deprived runner brains to interpret as a turn πŸ˜› But after about 30 seconds of standing in place, panicking, a race volunteer finally showed up and showed me which side-street would take me to the finish. Yay!

I sprinted in, nearly puked from the awkward stop & rest, then SPRINT!!!! combo, but then enjoyed some epic cookies once my stomach settled. I ended up running 20:40 so probably about 20 – 20:10 without the little disorientation episode.

Felt good, ran fast & won some do-si-dos. Totally worthwhile trade-off for braving a little freezing rain πŸ˜‰


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