Windy laps

Today’s track workout (again courtesy of the marvelous MountainMan) was a rude re-introduction to longer intervals.  The workout itself was actually pretty short, but MM had thrown in some longer race pace stuff and both Fish and I were a little nervous.  The workout was 2 laps of SSJC (stride straights, jog curves) into 1200m at 5k pace (so 96’s for now – that’s 20 flat pace for a 5k), then 2 more laps of SSJC into 300 m at current mile pace (so around 6 flat pace), 100m jog R, and lastly 800m at 5k pace (3:12).  

I was able to hold the paces with a bit of suffering and Fish finished just a little off on the long stuff but totally smoked our 300. Wheee!  I do think I may have a bit of an advantage in the wind – Fish weighs a good 20 lbs less than me and half the time I’m afraid I’ll look over my shoulder to see her flying off through the air like a little, runner-girl shaped kite!  My muscular frame on the other hand is in no danger of getting wafted away on the breeze 😉 

Perhaps the best (and least expected!) part of the whole workout was that we ran into one of my former teammates who is coaching throws at a nearby high school.  She happened to be at the track giving some private throws lessons and totally made my day when she walked by as Fish and I were doing strides – the look of surprised recognition as I sprinted by waving and grinning was priceless 🙂  And the brief chat with her after the 1200 gave us a little extended recovery…for which Fish and I were both *extremely* grateful.  

All in all I’d say the workout was a success – first longer reps out of the way and we held pretty steady in spite of the wind.


On the non-running front life is chilling out a bit.  I’m done TAing (minus a marathon grading session with my fellow TA’s at the end of the week), have been taking a little break from finite element simulations while waiting for software tokens to free up (woohoo, time to actually *think* (and write!)), and have been enjoying watching everyone else madly cram for finals as I saunter lazily to and from the lab 😉  


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