Law Day Run “Justice for All” 5k

I’ve been absent from here for a bit – thesis writing is taking up most of my appetitive for writing at the moment.  I also just started TAing for a summer course and the first week, as usual, has been a bit crazy & took up a bit more of my time than I expected.  The course is being taught by a friend who is defending her PhD next month – she’s never taught before and I’ve never TA’d this course before so we are both a little stressed with getting everything to run smoothly.  In spite of the chaos I’m really excited to be working with the instructor (she’s going to be awesome) & teaching more of a math and engineering fundamentals based course!

On the running side of life this week was a little rough.  I got up to 25 miles total last week (woohoo!) and had a strong workout and strong long run.  However, this week started off rough as I kept getting arch cramps in my right foot after every run.  I nixed the workout and cut my runs down quite a bit.  Fish had a quad issue so we were both taking it easy this week, which worked out nicely (or as nicely as being injured can).  Fortunately we both recovered enough to run in our long-awaited 5k today!


The 5k was pretty sweet – there was some strong competition and the course was more technical and varied than most road 5k’s.  It was also really freaking tough!  The course wove through the University quads, roads, and sidewalks, beginning at the law school at the base of the mountain that is our campus.  We started off on a hill and climbed pretty consistently for the first 400m, leveled out for the next 400, and then climbed a painfully steep hill towards the hospital (at the peak of the campus mountain) until the halfway mark.  That hill totally killed me – burning calves, dead arms, a side ache, the whole unpleasant shebang.  However, what goes up must come down and that downhill 2nd half was GLORIOUS!!  My quads didn’t appreciate it much (nor did Fish’s still-sore quad), but it did mean the 2nd half was a whole minute faster than the first one!  Hurrah!

FIsh ended up holding back and staying smart to avoid a quad re-injury and I ran a bit ahead of her and finished up as 3rd female.  We both finished in the low to mid 20’s, which was awesome considering Fish was basically just tempo-ing the race.  I crossed the line just over 20:15 for 5k (the course is a tad long so my time was 20:46 for 3.2 miles) but was pleased with that considering the uphill first half.  This race was definitely the most suffer-filled race I’ve done since getting back to running this Spring!  Hurrah for remembering how to push myself through the pain 🙂


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