Thank goodness for track workouts!

Reasons why I needed yesterday’s track workout:

  • I needed to spend ~5000 meters emptying my mind of all the crazy, pointless worrying that has crept in lately and instead think about nothing other than what my next split needed to be and how to strive with every stride to reach that goal.
  • I needed to get a little physical suffering in.  You can’t focus on anxiety about job searches, thesis writing, and relationships ripping at the seams when you are trying to figure out whether or not you’ll make it through the next repeat without barfing.  Yup, good times.
  • I needed the reminder that taking care of myself isn’t optional.  I can try to live on no sleep, too much coffee, and a nice diet of stress hormones…but running demands sleep, proper hydration, and a few deep breaths.

For one glorious hour I was just a runner, a 5’4″ assembly of laboring muscles strapped to a watch, a pair of legs pounding the sun-baked track.



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