Monday randomness

  • Went to a friend’s dissertation defense today…and totally forgot to grab a cookie.  Dang it!  Totally worthwhile presentation even without the free sugar though – my friend studies eyeballs, which are awesome 😀
  • Tested out my theory that more ponytails = more speed today.  Worked pretty well til my body realized it was 88 freaking degrees out and redirected what felt like half my blood volume to my sweat glands so’s to not actually burst into flames.

2014-06-02 19.39.34

  • My thesis has a title now!  And an abstract!  And a “this thesis is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master’s of Science in THE FREAKING UNIVERSE” page.  It looks *very* official.
  • I ran a 5k this past weekend.  And of course I forgot to start my watch, got distracted by ice cream (mmm!) afterwards & forgot to look at the results, and am now impatiently refreshing the race homepage in vain hope that they’ll get the dang results up already.  Give me some numbers, dangit!



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